About Me

As a young girl I loved clothes and fashion.  There were 2 things on my dream list that I wanted to accomplish when I went to college, either to be a teacher or study some field related to fashion.  Of course, God had other plans for me back then and my life took an entirely different turn.

In 2004 my husband semi-retired and we moved to beautiful Topsail Island.  It did not take me long to realize that I would have to drive 30 miles north or south to do the kind of shopping that I loved to do.  My childhood dream began to come alive again.  In 2005 we opened Sandy Toes Boutique.  My mission was to have a shop that any woman could come in and shop for an affordable outfit that could completely change her mood and give her the confidence to do anything she set her mind to.  We believe fashion should be fun and that there are no rules.  If you like it and you like the way you look and feel in it, buy it.  

We carry some exclusive brands that you won't be able to find within 30 miles north or south of the island such as Tyler Boe, Joy Joy, Jade, Kerisma, Kut from the Kloth, and many more.  

Please stop in and say hello when you are on the island.  Our biggest blessing since we opened has been the amazing people we have met along the way.