The New Norm

Merriam-Webster defines changes as "the act, process, or result of changing".  Our beautiful community has been through many chances since September when Florence battered our coast.  It has been a change that we did not have a say so in.  We all react to change in different ways.  For some change is hard and for others they always see positive in it no matter if it is an uncomfortable change.  Which one are you?

If you live in our community, have a summer house here or are one of the thousands that come during the summer to spend a week of bliss here, you will or have seen lots of change.  Some businesses and homes did not weathered Florence.  Many are still in the process of rebuilding their homes and/or businesses.  Many people have worked hard to get our community back to a new normal as soon as possible.  If you rely on social media, well you can't always believe what you read.  It seems there always has to be a negative spin to what has been accomplished here over the past 6 months.

But our "new norm" is really a lot of the same.  A beautiful community where people pull together, care for each other and are resilient.  Our new bridge helps me realize how blessed and lucky I am every time I cross over it and see the view.  I hope that you've had the opportunity to see that beautiful view or will get to soon.  It truly is breathtaking.

We are so ready for Spring, warmer weather and to see all of our friends this season.  We hope you will make Sandy Toes one of the stops on your visit.  We have so many great businesses in this community and we all need your support.






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