The Capsule Wardrobe

Do you experience decision stress each morning at the door of your closet?  No worries, there are a lot of us that do that each morning!  Instead of trying on several outfits in the morning trying to find that perfect outfit, create a small capsule wardrobe.  If you Google "capsule wardrobe" you will find several definitions.  It's a collection of clothes and accessories that include only items that are considered essential, a basic collection of coordinating clothes that can be used to create the basis of outfits for all occasions, or a set of clothing that can be mixed or matched to create a wide variety of outfits.

So let's get started!

1st things 1st-put all your clothes and shoes on your bed!  Every single bit of it.  Now let's sort.  Sort in 4 categories: Love, Maybe, Donate and Trash.  

Love-these are the things that fit you well and that you wear a lot.  You just love them.

Maybe: I love this but I'm not really sure why I do.

Donate:  Doesn't fit any more, haven't worn in at least 6 months.

Trash: These are in really poor condition but you just haven't parted with them.

Bed clear?  Well then keep going!

Once you have everything separated into the 5 piles go back through the maybe pile.  Try them on and ask yourself would you buy them in the store today.  If no then add to the donate pile.  If you are still torn between love and maybe, box them up and put them away for a few months.  When you bring them back out go through your love/maybe process again.

Now bag up the trash pile and throw them away.  Box up the donate pile and consider donating to a women's shelter or thrift store that the monies go to a domestic violence or women's shelter.

Now make a list of the items left.  Our goal is to have 30 items that are our "capsule wardrobe."

5 pairs of shoes (this one really hurt me as I'm a true shoe hog!)

3 pairs of pants, 1 skirt

2 coats, 1 rain jacket, 1 blazer, 1 cardigan

4 dresses with 1 being a LBD

5 blouses, 3 sweaters, 2 tees, 1 button down, 1 tank

These need to be pieces that you can mix and match for several different looks or occasions.  Your capsule should not include workout clothes, jewelry, accessories, pjs and underwear.

Need help with your essential pieces?  Give us a call at 910-541-2091 and stop in the shop and we would be so happy to help!

Good luck and happy purging!












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