Shop Small Challenge

This Saturday celebrates a nationwide movement known as Small Business Saturday.  Small Business Saturday was an idea created by American Express in 2010 to celebrate and show support for small businesses across the country.

When you walk through the doors of a small business you are most likely walking into the dream that someone had one day.  You are hopefully getting the personal attention that you probably don't get in a big box store.  When you support a small business you are also helping support the community.  Small business owners are an integral part of the community where they live and work.  

It is always important to support the small businesses within your community.  This year it is especially important with the impact that recent hurricanes has had within our communities.  This year I challenge you to make a list of at list 10 small businesses within your community where you can do some holiday shopping this Saturday.  

Be a part of the nationwide movement this Saturday and shop small.





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