My Sandy Toes Love Story

I think we have all made that list as a child of what we wanted to be or do when we grew up. Two things on my list were teaching or own a boutique. I even considered enrolling in a local fashion college after school but life took me in a different direction. I spent over 30 years in the financial end of healthcare. All of my adult life I have been what you would call a “fashion hog.” Shopping was a big hobby of mine. I loved the feeling that a great outfit gave me. It was amazing how much confidence you could find in a great dress, suit or even a simple casual outfit. I loved shopping in smaller stores where they knew my face when I walked in and they were happy to help me pick out some killer outfits.  They knew me and my likes and dislikes when it came to clothes.  That's what I wanted my customers to feel when they walked in my store to.

In 2004 I married my soulmate. He has done everything he could do to make all my dreams come true. In 2013 we sold our rural farm and moved to the beach (another dream fulfilled). After moving to Surf City North Carolina, my childhood dream came back to me. While we have several wonderful businesses who carry women’s clothing, Surf City did not have a store dedicated to just women’s clothing and accessories. So at the age of 58 and that childhood dream still in my head again, we embarked on our journey to open Sandy Toes Boutique. I could not have made this dream come true without the love and support of my husband, family and friends. I remember asking two of my best friends what they thought of my idea and both of them immediately said they thought it was an awesome idea and that if anyone could do it, I could.

A lot of stress came with opening the shop and leaving a steady corporate job. But we have come to know and love so many of the locals and have met many new friends from many states as they come to our beautiful island to get away for vacation and to come back to Sandy Toes each year. You have made that stress so much easier.  We could not have the success we have without each and every one of you. We love helping customers pick out the perfect dress for a special occasion, the right wardrobe for a trip they might have planned or to help out with some retail therapy. The satisfaction we get when you leave happy and share with your friends the experience you had means more to us than you will ever know. When you come into Sandy Toes Boutique we want you to feel that you are among friends and it’s just a bunch of girlfriends having fun playing dress up.

As I tell my story to customers who come in, one of the things I hear over and over is “well you definitely have the eye for it.” It’s such an honor and privilege to be able to select clothes that I feel our customers will love and feel great in when they wear them. We try to appeal to all age groups as you can never be to old to want to feel beautiful and confident in what you are wearing.

I hope that bringing my dream to Surf City means bringing to the community and the surrounding areas a place that you can go to find the kind of shop you would find in the big city without the big city hassle. I want you to leave our shop with the best customer service experience you’ve ever had and that you will rave about us to your family and friends.

I always taught my sons that they could do anything they wanted to do as long as they set their minds to it. I recently had the best compliment from one of my sons when he saw a picture of me with some of my customers who had just had a blast shopping. He said “Look at my beautiful mother! You are an inspiration to those who have dreams and might think the opportunity to fulfill that dream may have passed. Makes my heart smile to see you so happy! Love you Momma!” Now that was worth climbing the mountain for.

I’m living my dream each day as I enter the doors of Sandy Toes Boutique. I love meeting each person who walks in the door. I love hearing from a customer that comes in for the first time and says that a friend told them about us. I love that look in your face when you know you have the right outfit on. I love to see how it makes you feel. It’s my love story with Sandy Toes Boutique. I hope if you haven’t visited us that you will soon and that you will fall in love also.  And most importantly, never give up on that dream!


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