Layering for Winter

Now that winter is upon us a lot of us are afraid of layering as we think it makes up look to big.  Never fear, once you master the art of layering it will compliment your curves.

Start with a basic lightweight top such as a solid or striped tee shirt.  You want your tee shirt long enough to show beneath your next layer.

As your next layer add a cardigan or sweater.  This is a great place to add a bold color to give your outfit more depth.  But if you shy away from bold colors, just stick with neutrals.

Add a jacket or coat for your next layer.  A basic color such as camel, black or navy always work.  

Next add a great scarf.  This is the perfect place to add a blanket scarf.  Don't be afraid of the size of blanket scarves.  There are tons of videos on You Tube that you can learn how to master the blanket scarf.  There are so many different ways to wear the blanket scarf and it looks great on any size.

Last but not least, add your favorite accessories such as a bracelet, watch or ring.

At this point if you are concerned about how your waistline looks add a belt.   The blanket scarf can also be belted which is a great look.

Learn to play with textures.  It's always best to use a mix of materials when styling a layered look.

The stylist at Sandy Toes Boutique are always happy to help you with any look you are trying to accomplish.  Now layer up and stay warm.




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