Hurricane Florence Emotions

Lots of emotions flooded through me as we packed up the shop this week in preparation of Florence.  As I turned to cut off the lights I thought of the dream I had as a small girl of one day owning a boutique.  I thought of the hard work we put in to open the doors.  All the nights that my loving husband was there with me getting things set up.  I thought of all the people who we have met over the last 3 years and the new friends we have made, some friendships I know will last a lifetime.  All the people we've met through the brands that we carry that we have come to know and love.

It's so much more than a boutique or shop for us now.  It is so much more than our livelihood. It's the place that we look forward to seeing friends come through the door.  It's a time to catch up on their children, to marvel over their new grandchildren, weddings, trips, illness, a new house or new business, and yes even death.  It's a place that we can also share parts of our lives with.  It has been such a blessing.  God has placed so many people through those doors at just the right time so many times!

We enjoy being a part of this wonderful community that we have come to love so much.  We know that God has all this planned out for us already.  He blessed us with being able to open and we know it will continue to bless us no matter what the outcome of this storm.  We know that you have us in your prayers and we appreciate that so much.  We hope that all of you stay safe during this storm and we will see you soon.