My Weekend Closet Project

It easy to think that because I'm a boutique owner that I have tons of clothes.  Well the truth is I do have a ton of clothes but I'm not very organized with them and my closet holds a lot that makes up that ton that I never wear.  Every time I try to purge my closet there is always those few items that I just can't bear to part with but never wear.  My husband will tell you that each time we get ready to go somewhere he hears "Ok now I have to find something to wear."  So I started exploring this capsule wardrobe concept tonight.  My goal is to get my closet organized with pieces that I can wear and mix and match with different outfits and spend less time with closet stress each day:)

It was a little hard to find a You Tube or blogger that the wardrobe was age appropriate for me.  But I did find some that I feel I probably already have a lot of the items in my closet I just need to organize them.  

As I was researching what you need for a capsule wardrobe I realized that we have a lot of new brands in the shop that fit what someone might be looking for to build their capsule wardrobe.

Basic Tee Shirts-Z Supply is a new brand for us this fall and everyone seems to love the fit and softness of the material.  We have both crew neck and v neck in your basic black, white and gray.  I picked up a Joy Joy white long sleeve crew neck that we had and it's my go to for a casual look.

Plaids-plaids are big this fall.  We have our tried and true Hatley button down plaids back this year.  I have one from last year and it will certainly be one of the items I include in my weekend capsule project.

Jeans-skinny and boot cut.  Boot cut is back this fall/winter and we do have one boot cut style in Articles of Society.  We also have a new brand Kut From the Cloth that everyone has fallen in love with.  We have several different styles so stop by and try a pair.  I know you will love them.  Our Articles of Society jeans have been a customer favorite since we opened.  They are the softest jeans I've ever owned and they have a great price point.

Cardigans-who doesn't love a long cardigan?  Our Kersima cardigans are back this year in grey and black.  We also have 2 very cute Hatley long cardigans that are super cute and light weight.  

Sweaters-everyone looks the Kersima brand of sweaters that we have each fall.  The most popular style is the Raven.  It is great with jeans or leggings and we currently have 3 styles.  Another popular style last year that we also restocked this year is the RYU sweater.  It is so cute on!

Jean jackets-a must have in everyone's capsule wardrobe.  We have 2 styles in the shop now and have the basic Articles of Society jean jacket that will remain a staple in your closet for years to come.

It seems that planning is a big part of building your capsule wardrobe.  If you are working on a list that you need to build your fall/winter capsule wardrobe please stop by the shop and let us help you finish up that list.  

I'll keep you posted on my progress.  It's my weekend project and I may even share my awful before picture of the current state of my closet.  It's quite the mess and I'm excited about getting it organized and being able to not have to spend a lot of time trying to decide what to wear each day!

We'd love to hear how your plan your fall/winter wardrobe and how we can assist you with some fabulous pieces that you'll use season after season.









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