49 Days Until Christmas

I can hardly believe that it is only 49 days until Christmas!  I feel like we just got our home straightened out from last Christmas and it's time to decorate again.  I don't know about you but I find glitter all year long somewhere in the house.

I would love to say I'm one of those that waits until after Thanksgiving to decorate.  Do you decorate before or after Thanksgiving?  I have to spread the decorating out over several days so I always start early so I can enjoy everything.  I spend so much time doing it that I don't want to feel that it's time to take it all down not long after it went up.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?  I try every year to start early so I'm not stressing closer to the holiday.  I bought my first gift about a week ago but so much more to do.

I hope this year that when you shop you will consider your local businesses first before you hit the big box and online stores.  It's been a tough year for most small business owners and keeping it local and small would mean so much to them and to us at Sandy Toes.  

I pray that your holidays will be less stress, more family time and more time spent thinking of the true meaning of Christmas.






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